Part Time or Full Time Activity

stafffilialealgerie-6.jpg An extraordinary opportunity that is sure to have a very positive impact not only on your physical and financial well-being but also on your personal development!!!
By integrating a U.S. company, located in over 150 countries, newly installed in Algeria, specializing in the field of wellness and beauty, you can, at first, earn additional income in such activity part time (for those already working) and much more by building your network and launching your own business full time.
Whether you live in the big city or in the most landlocked douar in Algeria, whether you are young or old, a student or an unemployed person, an employee or a housewife, an executive in a company or an independent entrepreneur, this opportunity could change your life!
We regularly organize presentations _ lasting one hour and a half _ of this wonderful opportunity. To send you an invitation to attend our next meeting, please send me an email right away with the object: "Invitation" to: N.B.: Please do include your name and phone number. Thank you.

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